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Celebrating the Accomplishments of Dallas ISD, District 4

Leslie De La Garza
It is time to celebrate the accomplishments of District 4 students, parents, teachers, principals and other school staff. The recently released Texas Education Agency ratings and distinctions show that schools...

Nobel Peace Prize Winner From Guatemala

Leslie De La Garza
Mercado369 will be hosting Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Peace Prize winner! Menchú will speak about her activism in indigenous rights. Don’t miss this rare and enriching opportunity  to attend this special fundraiser with Vicente Fox,...

Pepe Aguilar y El Jaripeo Sin Fronteras Llegan a Dallas

Leslie De La Garza
Christian Nodal, Leonardo y Ángela Aguilar, así como Antonio Aguilar hijo, acompañaran a Pepe Aguilar y el Jaripeo Sin Fronteras. Un espectáculo, en el que converge el arte ecuestre con...

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