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Hey Chica! Pop Up Leadership Experience!

Healthy Latina Lifestyle will be hosting a leadership event in the smu cox executive education center on Saturday, October 20 from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Hey Chica! Pop Up is a movement for women looking to collaborate with their fellow community leaders, advocates, and influencers to curate their dream goals with passion and ganas! Ladies go to feel inspired, enhance their business, grow, network and discover new amigas in an amazing and beautiful experience! These experiences are designed to deliver real-life conversations about sisterhood, hustles, and hurdles while building lifelong friendships and opportunities. The panel discussions are thought out with intention, purpose and served up on a one-day program with local spotlights and other stimulating activations.

Hey Chica! Will help the new generation of curious business creatives, entrepreneurs, and leading ladies spark conversations around the topics they are passionate about. Participants are destined to meet other talented, like-minded women with the passion to build a brand and community.

For more information visit Hey Chica!  Buy your ticket now to secure your spot!

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