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6 Personal Tips to Get Better A Sleep

Ever since I started college my sleeping routine has not been the best and I often ask myself, “Why am I so sleepy?”. I must admit I have a bad habit of checking my email or watching the news on my laptop before I go to bed. I know I’m a well-bred millennial who sleeps with her phone and laptop right next to her. So, I began to implement my own sleeping rules to help me with my horrible routine. Here are some tips to get the most of your nights.

1. Reduce caffeine, alcohol, and sugar intake. Any intake can alter your brain before going to bed.

2. Turn off your laptop or television 30 min before going to bed. According to a research done by the Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention, the blue light projected by your laptop, TV, or even your phone causes melatonin suppression which might reduce your sleep. For that matter, grab a good book 30 minutes before going to bed! It sounds way more relaxing and less sleep depriving!

3. Engage in regular exercise. Personally, ever since I’ve been physically active, I can see a difference in my sleep. All I can think of is me using all of my energy at the gym and going to bed in all of the extension of word, exhausted.

4. Limit your beverage consumption before bed. Don’t you hate having to wake up in the middle of the night and needing to go to the restroom? I do! So try taking it easy on the liquids any 2 hours before hitting the sack.

5. Make your to-do list before going to bed. By personal experience, I cannot acquire my sleep when I have things on my mind that should be taken care of and I believe I am not the only one. Try filling up you agenda. Less things on your mind, and less stress!

6. Ok, ok, there’s only one exception to sleeping with your phone; getting an app that cycles your sleep. I use Sleepbot app. The cool thing about this app is that it tracks your sleep and allows you to see how many hours you’ve missed at night. Aside from these cool features, it also gives you tips to sleep better and to improve your sleeping routine. Check your app store for cool apps like these!

No doubt about it, sleep comes with so many benefits. Its extremely important that we all get our good hours of sleep. It does our body good; inside and out. Take note of the tips I’ve given here because sleep is one thing that cannot be taken for granted.


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