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El Centro College Fashion Show Main and Market: Creative Threads

On Friday, April 26, El Centro Community College put on an impressive and successful fashion show to demonstrate young designer students work. The popular annual Fashion Show takes place every Spring Semester. Main and Market/ Creative Threads was the theme of this year’s outstanding function.

Something unique from other fashion events? This was the first year that the College’s Fashion Department (Design and Marketing) teamed up with the other degree programs such as Architecture, Culinary, Interior Design, and Welding.

The exhibit, outside of the theater, in the student center, featured a variety of student class assignments and projects. Architectural renderings, and fashion design displays themed from “The Little Mermaid” are just some of the creative work from the talented students that were presented this night. While admiring the showcase, the culinary students from El Centro prepared complimentary delicious bites and refreshments for the guests.

As night dropped, the Fashion Extravaganza commenced. From beginning to end, garments shown where clearly original and stunning. Although this is no surprise, the College has had students appear in the known show Project Runway. Furthermore, this year’s FGI Career Day, El Centro Student, Hyoungsuk Lee won the Paris American Academy Award. He also demonstrated his garments at the school’s fashion show.

Designers from the college fully proved their selves in design. Everyone recognized how inspired and dedicated these bright students are to their passion of Fashion in their own unique way. The show was very appealing, and everyone had a fun night. There’s no doubt that every guest noticed how much hard work and time the Fashion Design and Marketing students put on to make this such a great show! These creative programs have the great opportunity to move their classes to One Main Place, Main St. 1201 as of next semester, fall 2016.

I am currently a Fashion student at El Centro as well, so I got to interview two Marketing teachers and ask them a few questions about the Fashion Show.

Fashion Marketing Teachers, Marilyn Sullivan and Carmen Carter.

What inspired the theme Main and Market “Creative Threads”?

Marilyn: We wanted to maintain the name “Main and Market” because that’s where we are. Main and Market are our school cross streets. We usually always keep to the downtown concept because of our location. However, after sitting down with faculty and discussing in class we realized that it would not just be a fashion show but an exhibition so we had to find something that was common to all. The creative process was chosen because all of the programs are in a creative industry. The word thread was added not just for the fashion but because we were all going to be connected.

What made the fashion department want to collaborate with the other programs?

Marilyn: Dr. Adames our college president decided that we should create a new division, which would be business, design and public service. In the design division, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Architecture and Interior Design were all put together. We created this showcase where we could make the college, students and our community particularly our business partners, aware of this new division. We wanted to present how these programs were the same by showing the creativity that is communicated through the work. In the Fashion Design this is showcased through garments and detail, in Architecture through a physical structure of what the building might look like, in Interior Design the spaces that are planned and in Fashion Marketing how something can be promoted.

Is this showcase/exhibit being planned for next year’s fashion show as well?

The college was pleased with our exhibit, they have now asked us to the same showcase in a smaller way for Graduation next weekend, May 16. There may be an opportunity for next year’s Fashion event.

What are some of the challenges that the Fashion Design and Marketing team faced while preparing for the show?

Marilyn: I think the biggest challenge is the co-chair schedules. There is a co-chair for every committee from Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design. The schedules to meet and to work for their committee is not always compatible. Sometimes a co-chair would have to take on more activities than their supposed to. I don’t see this changing because students have other things to take care of outside of school, it is the balance of life.

Carmen: I think the balance of the people is the biggest challenge. Their work life, their school schedule and how we run our two departments because they are very different.

Although the show was a complete success, if you had the chance to improve something what would it be and why?

Marilyn: I think we always have the chance to improve. I would love for the show to be maximum one hour. I think we also have an opportunity to work with models. It should not always be the same routine. I would like to see some creativity on how the model walks, instead of just going straight forward and coming back. This would require extra practice, and of course we would be sensitive to everyone’s time.

Carmen: I believe that our timeline could work better. I think we should have more time and utilize it in a better manner to make this show more successful.

(Photos courtesy of El Centro College Fashion Program)





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