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Valentino is currently an Infórmate DFW writer for the fashion and entertainment section. His expertise in beauty and fashion has led him to work in several social and media events (film/music festivals, concerts and fashion shows), making him a well-known personality in the Dallas’ nightlife social scene.
Although Valentino attended Greiner Arts Academy and developed his creative side by studying arts and cosmetology, he is also a writer by nature. He began writing in high school for the school newspaper and yearbook.
As a hairdresser Valentino has worked with famous celebrities during concerts and backstage fashion show events. He enjoys writing, blogging, educating and informing the public of news, media and events happening in his surroundings.
Valentino is currently a fashion and hair stylist for a prominent Salon in Dallas and he is pursuing his dream by studying Public Relations at Richland College.
For story ideas, contact Valentino at

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