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The Dallas Museum of Art Presents “The Legacy of the Plumed Serpent”

DALLAS, TX (August 10, 2012)-Informate DFW visited The Legacy of the Plumed Serpent Exhibition, presented by the Dallas Museum of Art this past Tuesday. The Exhibition showcased the best of Ancient Mexican Art. With unique sculptures, paintings and textiles it is full of history and culture. Not to mention, the pieces are in exceptional condition considering they are more than five centuries old. They vary from ancient jewelry, pots, and maps to large sculptures. Audiences have until November 25 to get a glimpse of this truly unique exhibition. Enjoy the pictures!

 About The Legacy of Plumed Serpent 

The Legacy of the Plumed Serpent in Ancient Mexico, the first large-scale exploration of the ancient kingdoms of southern Mexico and their patron deity, Quetzalcoatl, an incarnation of the spirit force of wind and rain that combined the attributes of a serpent with those of the quetzal bird, thus the name “Plumed Serpent.” On view from July 29 through November 25, 2012, this groundbreaking exhibition features 150 objects loaned from museums and private collections in Mexico, Europe, and the United States. The Los Angeles Times described The Legacy of the Plumed Serpent in Ancient Mexico as “dazzling [with] numerous ‘wow’ moments,” and the Huffington Post called the exhibition “imaginative . . . a dramatic and thoroughly engaging exploration of the art of ancient Mexico.” These rare artworks, which are more than five centuries old, trace the development of an extensive trade network that resulted in a period of international entrepreneurship and innovation that spread across ancient Mexico, the American Southwest, and Central America during the Postclassic (AD 900–1521) and early colonial periods. The extraordinary wonders produced by these confederacies are explored in codices, shell, textiles, and other precious materials.

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