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Dallas Men Against Abuse

By Lissette Martinez

Saturday March 23 is the day when all Dallas men will make the difference. Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlings, has proposed ending domestic violence with a very clever strategy: involving men themselves to speak out about the issue. The main objective is to make Dallas men pledge that they will never commit an act of violence against women.

Stopping domestic violence is an issue that has been in debate in several occasions, but the most recent statistics are revealing the magnitude of the problem. 13,000 domestic violence incidents were reported in Dallas last year, including 26 murders, which is double the previous annual total.

However, not everything seems to be negative, according to the Texas Council on Family Violence, 84% of Texans believe that they can make a difference in efforts to end domestic violence, and 86% of all have a definition of domestic violence and the willingness to blame aggressors for the abuse they commit.

Here’s how to help Mike Rawlings to accomplish his goal:

1-) Visit to get more details about the event that will take place at Dallas City Hall next Saturday. Dallas Mayor, together with Dale Hansen (WFAA Sports Anchor) David Holl (Member of Mary Kay), Bishop Kevin Farrell, Pastor Freddie Haynes and others, will be talking about the issue and providing important material that will help you understand domestic violence.

2-) Report an abuse: domestic violence is a crime and if no one reports what’s happening, more women will be suffering and even dying.  Please, call 9-1-1 in the event domestic of violence!

3-) Help someone that’s being abuse: information is available for everyone. The Genesis shelter can help and provide home for the victim.

If you wish to volunteer at the Mayors Rally send an email to or contact the Mayor’s office at 214-670-4054.

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