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El Centro College Now Offers EMT and Paramedic Program

El Centro College is now making the road to becoming an EMT and Paramedic even shorter than you think! This spring, El Centro began offering classes for both at the Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic Development (1402 Corinth St., Dallas).

EMT is the most common certification in emergency medical services; two levels of certification are common to almost every state: EMT and Paramedic. Becoming a Paramedic requires that you have an EMT certification first.

The EMT Certification Program is 154 classroom hours, with three emergency room clinical rotations, and one 24-hour MICU ride out for a total of 202 hours.

The Paramedic Certification Program is a 42 semester hour program that prepares you to provide advanced pre-hospital care to emergency patients. The program is full-time and lasts approximately six and a half months after EMT training and anatomy and physiology classes. This program is designed for you to become a successful entry-level paramedic.

In fact, 99.75% of El Centro students go on to get jobs in their profession as paramedics or hired on to become professional firefighters/paramedics. This program continually has one of the highest pass rates on the National Registry. In 2014 there were over 130 students trained, with 94 percent of them passing on the first attempt. The remaining six percent were all successful on the second attempt. 

National Registry Written: Percent of Grads Passing: 98.76%*
National Registry Practical: Percent of Grads Passing: 100.00%*
Comprehensive Final Written: Percent of Grads Passing: 100.00%*
Comprehensive Final Practical: Percent of Grads Passing: 100.00%*
Retention: Percent Retention: 85.26%*
Positive Placement: Percent of Grads Positive Placement: 99.75%*
*Average 2014+2013+2012

Students learn through lectures, hands-on skill development, scenario labs, and ambulance simulation labs. Students will be required to complete hospital rotations and ambulance field internships on a 24-hour on, 48-hour off basis with local fire departments.

The Paramedic Program is accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions.

EMS students loading a patient into the back of the ambulance to get ready for transport to the hospital.

To find out more about the EMT Certification program call 214-860-2262; to find out more about the Paramedic Certification Program call 972-860-5003.

Visit the El Centro website at

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