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The Ultimate Creator – José Suaste

Meet José Suaste, Infórmate DFW’s founding creative director. His designs have breathed life into the magazine since its inception. From sponsor ads to IDFW’s logo and layout, his hands guide every color, font, image and their placement to make of pages an inviting visual experience. An ad agency leader behind the U.S. multicultural campaigns of numerous global brands, he’s the reason IDFW continues to feel fresh, on trend and on point.

Here, the Dallasite shares what keeps him loyal to Team IDFW.

Infórmate DFW: Where are you at now?

José Suaste: I am the executive creative director at fluent360, a multicultural ad agency in Chicago. I’m also the chief creative officer and co-owner of Tequila Honor.

IDFW: What motivated you to get involved with the magazine?

JS: I had to do it. Silvia (the publisher) was shopping the magazine around, and it already had a preliminary design — which I thought was terrible. I couldn’t, in good conscience, let that design see the light of day. I met Silvia and genuinely wanted to help her put out her vision.

IDFW: What role or experience has IDFW played in your life and/or career?

JS: This experience has really helped me both personally and professionally. Personally, I really feel like I’m doing something for my hometown and getting great information out there for a genuine, great person; it makes me feel good. Professionally, it’s been a great platform for my design and my tequila; I get an ad in every issue.

 Plus, I like to give back to the Latino community. I don’t have a lot of free time to volunteer, so I like to use my design skills to help whenever I can. Silvia’s part of the select folks who get breaks and freebies from me — it’s a very exclusive list.

IDFW: What’s your fondest memory or favorite experience working with us?

JS: When Silvia published an article on me, helping promote my tequila. But, really, really? I get excited every time we do a redesign (of the magazine’s layout).

IDFW: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

JS: I’m just extremely proud to be part of something that has lasted this long in Dallas and is authentic

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