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Drinks that are bad for your Diet

When dieting, most people like to concentrate on changing their eating habits. However, many forget to focus on what they drink as well. They may not be eating their calories, but they are drinking them away, and that may be what’s stopping them from loosing those few extra pounds. But exactly why is drinking soft drinks so bad? Well, here are a few interesting facts that will make you think twice before ordering that soft drink or that margarita during happy hour.

Let’s get down to the facts

  • According to the Coca Cola Company’s Nutritional Facts, a small 12oz can of coke contains 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar. The sugar equivalent alone would be like eating 10 tablespoons of sugar!
  • states that a 32 oz. glass Margarita at a typical Mexican Restaurant is 600 calories and 156 grams of sugar. The calorie equivalent would be that of eating an entire meal! Most people don’t order 32 oz. Margaritas, but considering they usually drink multiple ones, it’s the same.
  • According to, a regular 12 oz glass of Lipton Original Sweetened Ice Tea is 120 calories and 34 grams of sugar. That may not be too bad, but it is almost the same as drinking a can of coke.

Written by: Abraham Campillo

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