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The Risk of Using High Heels


Attention ladies! Be very careful with the type of shoes you wear. A study published by the Journal of Applied Physiology, revealed that women who wear high heels for a long period of time are at risk of severe knee, back and hamstrings injuries.

The recent study also found that heels can change women’s posture and make their ankles to tilt inward with much more pressure; this cause severe damage and deformation.  According to the study, high heels are likewise an aesthetic problem. Using the incorrect size or inadequate height can lead to the misalignment of the bones, bunions, calluses, hammertoes, etc.

What’s more, high heels can add excessive compression to the inside of the knee. Disproportion of your spinal cord and also development of osteoarthritis, are the results of such beauty vanity.










The Worst Shoes and What to Do To Avoid Damage.

Shoes define your style and make you look sophisticated, but what happens when you don’t choose the right type?  Some styles are deadly for your feet…



This type of shoe is well known for causing pain in the back of the heel. When choosing this type of shoe make sure the material is of good quality. Blisters, swelling and even pain in the Achilles tendon are some of the problems caused by this type of shoe. To avoid the painful blisters, it’s recommended to use heel pads.



Extremely High Shoes

Heels over 2 inches destabilize the ankle joints and also put pressure on the ball of the foot. Too much pressure can inflame surrounding nerves or bones of the foot. In addition, extremely high shoes can take you from experiencing pain in the soles of the feet to ligament problems.




Stiletto Shoes

It is obvious that this type is one of the worst!  Extremely narrow heels are particularly dangerous because the weight is focused on just one area (the heel) and that makes you shake like if you’re walking on stilts. The solution is to always use shoes in which you can balance all your weight.


If you want to feel stylish and sophisticated, remember to buy the correct shoe to avoid harming your feet. It’s hard to believe, but nine out of 10 women wear shoes that are too small or bad for their feet. The consequences are calluses, blisters, bunions and the above mentioned conditions. The constant friction between the skin and the shoe can irritate the foot joints and lead to arthritis. Do not risk your posture for wanting to look like a Hollywood girl!

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