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Spring Break Rocks with DFW Airport App

From ski vacations to amusement parks to a lazy holiday on the beach, Spring Break is breaking out. Families eagerly look forward to time away from work and school but not so much the stress of travel. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is here to help with its recently released mobile App and the top seven stress-relieving tips for Spring Break.

Check out these Seven Sweet Solutions to any pesky travel challenges standing between you and the sun:

1. My flight left when? – When the beaches and seafood are calling, missing your flight isn’t an option. The DFW Airport App is the first airport app that sends you a text when your flight time changes. Delays? No problems.

2. I’m going on vacation, not hunting for a parking space! — Is there anything more aggravating than thinking you found a parking space, only to discover that a compact car or motorcycle beat you to it? Your vacation starts the moment you leave your house; let us find your parking space. The DFW Airport App sends you a text message alerting you to open spaces.

3. Why did I pack so much? — Who wants to haul luggage all over DFW Airport? Not you, so our App lets you know when a flight changes gates. No more guessing. No more stress, and no more weight-lifting your carry-on bags.

4. Ack! I forgot a beach towel. — Or a hat. Or you need a magazine to read on the flight. The DFW Airport App lists the Airport’s more than 200 shops and restaurants by category, filtering it so you can find exactly what you need.

 5. Is that thunder or did I forget to eat? — Plane starts boarding soon, but your stomach is on empty? No worries. The DFW Airport App helps you find shops, restaurants and services within five minutes of your gate. That’s the definition of grab and go!

6. When does this flight end, already? — The DFW Airport App helps you know if you need to steel yourself for another two hours or if a 15-minute scan of Sky Mall will last you until the plane lands. It tracks your flight and displays the progress on an easy-to-read map.

7. Where, oh where, is my ride? — Cousin Ted was supposed to pick you up, right? Typical! Don’t stress. The trip may be over, but the DFW Airport App is still working for you. Find out how to find a rental car, taxi or airport shuttle — or even a hotel.

 The DFW App is available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Check your app store today.

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