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“Pulling Strings” Rides the Wave of Latin Movies in US

Informate DFW got the chance to sit down with Mexican actor and singer Jaime Camil and listen to him dish about his upcoming movie “Pulling Strings” which releases in theaters this Oct 4th.

Jaime Camil was born to be in the spotlight. He began studying opera. Now days, he has 4 albums out and still loves singing.  Camil explained he was part of the Broadway show Mambo Kings, which never got to open for budget issues.  Pulling Strings incorporates a lot of singing and acting. Camil commented that if he likes the script and visualizes himself as the character, he would take on the role. Camil, a junkie for scripts as he called himself, said he was attracted to the well-rounded romantic comedy of Pulling Strings. This movie is rated PG, which is perfect for all families.

Jaime Camil also touched on one very interesting issue, how the public views Mexico. Camil called this movie  “a love story from Mexico to the world”.  He wants to show the side of Mexico that everybody doesn’t care to show. Camil pointed out that newscasts made the effort to show the horrible side of Mexico. We all felt at ease when Camil assured us that it was only in the bordertowns that such things happened. Mexico is a country full of “hope” and “happy endings”.

Jaime Camil worked along side his offscreen friend Omar Chaparro, whom he has great chemistry with. Chaparro is the “comic relief” in this film, which is a complete different ground for Chaparro. He is commonly seen as the comedic role in his past projects.

Throughout this movie and without spoiling it, Camil wears a traje de charro. He pointed out that it’s a suit that should be worn with “a lot of respect and honor”. He specifically said that he was entitled to it because he was Mexican. We have no objection to that here. Camil explains that the image of Mariachi in the States is that of a simple entertainer, but Camil further explains that the Mariachi is a “Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad” or a Cultural Heritage of the Humanity. The Mariachi belongs to the humanity. It identifies. It’s a sense of a belonging. Camil went on to say that “Mariachi equals Mexico”.

Again without spoiling the movie, there is a particular scene that takes place in La Cuna del Mariachi, otherwise known as Garibaldi. This place has been one of the most visited places in Mexico City. This is the very ground were some of the biggest Mexican songwriters composed and performed their songs. People like Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Jose Alfredo Jimenez and Cornelio Reyna to name a few.

Jaime Camil feels very grateful for his audience in Mexico and will forever be thankful, however he mentioned that he wanted to concentrate a bit more in the US market. He just finished a cameo in the series Devious Maids next to Roselyn Sanchez but he is wanting more. We believe Pulling Strings will be that little push that will catapult him to a great acting career in American ground.


Don’t miss out on this great movie! Take your entire family because it is rated PG after all!

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