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“Pulling Strings” Debuts on October 4th

Mexican Novela Star and singer Jaime Camil is out to conquer the American audience. Camil stars in the upcoming movie “Pulling Strings” along side Mexican comedian Omar Chaparro. Camil plays as a hardworking mariachi singer named Alejandro who is looking to obtain a visa so his daughter can visit her grandparents in the U.S. However, the visa is denied by Rachel, a young embassy worker. Later that night, while Alejandro and Canicas (Chaparro) are playing a gig, they run into Rachel. Alejandro then takes advantage of this and decides to persuade Rachel to approve his daughter’s visa. Little does he know that his heart was also purposed to cross paths with hers.

This is a beautiful story that symbolizes the development of Hollywood movies and production. Look for it in your local theatres!

Here is the trailer to this great movie!


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