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Lighting up the Holidays

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but who doesn’t enjoy watching lights? Luckily the D.F.W. area has various light displays, even after Christmas has passed.

Kessler Park is an example of a free drive through a neighborhood that is sure to light up everyone’s night. It is worth mentioning that depending on the time you arrive there may be less or more lights on, personally I’d recommend going sometime between eight to 10 p.m.

Once you’ve arrived don’t try to follow a specific path because there will be houses with no lights besides magnificently decorated ones. To get the best experience it would be wise to follow your eyes and in this case going towards the light is the way to go.

While driving around you can expect to see anything from warm white light trims to full candy cane houses and maybe even a few cartoon characters.

There is no designated eating places because it is a neighborhood, but then again who doesn’t love a good road trip dinner or even a nice family restaurant dinner afterwards in one of the many Mexican stops.

If you’re ready for non-Christmas adventures you’re sure to have a ball watching Reunion Tower on New Year’s Eve! On the other hand if you want just a bit more Christmas while it’s still socially acceptable check out our previous post of a short Christmas event list!

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