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Free Mammograms at Dallas West Library on Friday, August 9

The Mammogram mobile will stop by the Dallas West Branch Library, 2332 Singleton Blvd (@ N Hampton Rd), Dallas, TX 75212 on Friday, August 9. UT Southwestern offers this opportunity to additional low-income or uninsured women. Please share this opportunity with your contacts.

The mammogram is free and to reserve a space, they only need to call! Appointments can be made in English and Spanish.
Please call this number to be registered to the August 9th UT Southwestern Mobile Mammogram Exam: 214-645-2560 or 866-277-0710 Push 1, then 1 again in order to be connected to the right network. Push 6 to be redirected to a Spanish speaker. Notify them that you would like to register for the DFW International August 9th date.

Questions they will ask (please have the information handy)
Name: Must be same as on ID
Age: Must be 35 or over
Do you work?
Phone number: Cell, home, work
Has it been more then a year since last mammogram?
Pregnant or breastfeeding? (Must be more then 6 months since last feed)
Ever been diagnosed with breast cancer? Lumpectomy? Biopsy?
Do you live in Dallas/Tarrant County? Must provide ID that confirms that
Are you current patient of Parkland Hospital? Do you have Parkland Plus or have went to Parkland Clinics?
Ever had a mammogram through Parkland?
Do you have problem standing? Climbing Stairs?
Do you have Health insurance? If so, then Company Name, Policy/Group Number, Subscriber,
SSN, TX ID or Matricula Consular (to verify you are a Dallas County resident), date of birth, and phone number
Do you have a doctor, who they should send results of mammogram? If so, Name, address, city, phone number
Emergency Contact: Name, relationship, and phone number

On the date of your appointment, August 9:
Please bring 2 forms of ID
Please DO NOT Wear: Deodorants, Lotions, Perfumes, Oil, Creams, or any kind of body mist
Please wear a 2 piece outfit: No Dresses, will need to take off top and keep bottom On
You or your doctor will Receive your Report 2 weeks after Exam

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