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FREE Irrigation System Check-ups for Dallas Water Utilities Customers

If you live in the City of Dallas, Dallas Water Utilities is conducting FREE automatic irrigation system check-ups.

Poor irrigation scheduling—watering too often and for too long—is the primary source of water waste associated with landscape irrigation. You may be using a lot more water than your lawn needs and if you are a Dallas Water Utilities customer, you can have a FREE irrigation system check-up by a certified landscape irrigation specialist. These check-ups have saved other customers hundreds of dollars per year on their water bill.

These check-ups can help improve the efficiency of your existing irrigation system by identifying: programming errors, leaks in the system, broken or misaligned equipment, problems with pressure (too high or too low), and coverage problems

Our Irrigation Specialists will also make recommendations such as: programming suggestions, turf water requirements, possible equipment upgrades, and repair and maintenance tips.

Click here for more information or to schedule your automatic sprinkler system check-up or call us at (214) 670-3155.

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