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Councilwoman Delia Jasso and Dallas Water Utilities Honor Students for Success with Cease the Grease Program

Councilwoman Delia Jasso and Dallas Water Utilities honor Greiner Middle  School students with pizza and skating party. Eight-grade students from Oak Cliff’s Greiner Middle School will be rewarded with a pizza and skating party on December 10th. These students are the winning participants for Dallas Water Utilities’ Cease the Grease Program –Thanksgiving Give It Back and Fuel the Fleet, which occurred on Friday, December 2nd, at Greiner Park. The winning class from Mr. Grafford’s class collected an impressive 155 gallons of  used cooking oil for this program. Residents living near the school were also invited to bring used cooking oil to this event, where a whopping 400 gallons of it were collected. Rather than being disposed of in kitchen drains or in the trash, this cooking oil is converted into bio-fuel, which helps power Dallas County school busses. City of Dallas Councilwoman Delia Jasso promoted the program with W.E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy, and the program was sponsored by Dallas Water Utilities (DWU). For more information go to http://

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